The idea of the festival

Gustav Mahler and Alban Berg spent their summers at the southcoast of the Woerthersee, Johannes Brahms composed in Poerthschach, Anton von Webern lodged in Klagenfurt and Hugo Wolfs youth was characterized by the hilly landscape of the middle and south of Carinthia. A few generations later we remember this european inheritance and in 2002 the idea of connecting these five exceptional composers to one great festival was realized for the first time. The carefully aligned programe makes claim to a very high artistic quality and is completed through lectures and presentations on the subject.

The silhouettes of Otto Böhler became an incentive  for a wider range of composers for the festival. The most important factor in that case is a balance between classical compositions, works which are commissioned for the festival and at the same time honouring specific Carinthian artists.

Highlights 2017

Alexei Kornienko, Philharmonisches Orchester Györ
Angela Cholakian und Franz Hummel
Applaus im Mozartsaal
Eduard & Johannes Kutrowatz
Elena Denisova, Tao Fan, Internationale Donauphilharmonie
Wilhelm Sinkovicz zu Franz Hummel

Highlight 2018

9.06.2018: Composer in residence

06 - 09 June 2018: program from February online